The Fourth Dimension Part II

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The picture above is brief and limited to what I have read and learned experientially. Sharing information about the next accessible Dimension, gives us choices. In essence, it makes the Veil between the Physical Third Dimension and the Subtle Vibration of the Fourth Dimension “thinner”. One may think of a veil as another physical boundary. But it doesn’t seem to be. Our Spirit may naturally yearn to know more about ‘the other side’. How to find out more? How to know more about our own Spirit Guides, Angels and Spirits of Loved Ones when they are there and we are here?

The requirement to find out more about the Fourth Dimension, and how your personal Gifts of the Spirit will manifest is closely linked to desire. You would have great interest in being a Doctor if your Gift is in Healing, for example. It becomes simpler, the closer we approach the Gift of Wisdom regarding the Spirit World. It is the journey you take when you close your eyes for a nap, and see a vision acted out for you. When you just had an encounter with a stranger who you realize later was an Angel.

Building on these episodes, and careful attention to contemplation may tell you the answers. We all have Spiritual Gifts; we all can interact with The Spirit World beyond the Veil. There are no limitations with Spirit. Spirit opens all possibilities. We may find it easier if we accept the life we have chosen, and how to make it much simpler by including Spirit in it.

~Unconditional Love and Blessings,