The Fourth Dimension Part I

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Considering the many Dimensions outside of our own Third Dimension, there may be hundreds, millions or billions available. Simplifying it just a bit, let’s think about the Fourth Dimension.
If you are reading this, you are solidly in the Third Dimension. You have form, mass, and live within the boundaries of time and space. Other realities of Third Dimension living are that we have a soul, a vibration, living in our ‘density matter’. Our vibration will at the appropriate time Cross Over into the Fourth Dimension. This Fourth Dimension is the first Dimension we are able to access.
It is invisible to our human eye. The edges of where the physical Third Dimension, meet and mix vibration with the subtle area. This is where the veil between the two Dimensions keeps us apart. It is also the first one that we as Third Dimension Beings, begin to have access to our Spiritual Gifts. These can be psychic gifts or gifts of healing. A person can have sight into the Fourth Dimension. These could be seeing a Spirit in its Etheric body or viewing Energy Forms. There can be communication with Spirit. There is also great back and forth interaction at this boundary.
You may find that the Fourth Dimension reaches out to you, in perfect love. This is done for comfort during difficult times. At times, a Spirit Guide may manifest just to deliver a message that you could understand no other way.