Kindness and Cannibalism

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Earth school is the most difficult place for a soul to incarnate. We have occurrences here that do not exist on other planets. Natural disasters, airplane crashes, pandemic illnesses, to name a few. Then there are the ones that human beings create for themselves. We have created war, poverty and cannibalism. Cannibalism? Really? Well, how can that fit into this picture? The challenges that await souls that incarnate to clean up their Karma here are huge. I hope to offer a working theory on this subject.

In my studies, I have found that I have had several lifetimes here, on earth. I have also found that many of the same people who have been supporting friends and family have journeyed with me along the way. Not all have had every one of their incarnations on earth. It is also true that there are people, including me, who may have lived one or more lifetimes, on another planet. While that lifetime would have been different from life here, when the challenges of earth are encountered, a shift happens for some. The shift can take the form of physical differences. More likely, the soul that has once lived on another planet and reincarnated here on earth, will carry a vibrational memory that is incongruent with what they need to face here on earth. You got that?

Let me say further, that the shift I am talking about is a Spiritual one. Each unique person has a ‘vibration’ or soul energy, specific to them. They carry memory of previous lives within their Spiritual Being. They know the lessons that they have fulfilled and the ones to be learned.

The cannibalism, metaphorically and now literally, happens when imbalance occurs in the vibration. It is cannibalism of the type that would gratify with hurting others, disrespect, violence. It delights in imbalance both for itself and what imbalance it shares in the world.

In recent days, we have seen a special type of egregious hurt among our fellow humans. It is this type of hurt that I am referring to. This may be another one that can be added to the list of challenges that exist on earth. Or should we let it? Can we stop it?

I say that we can, and should make every effort to stop it. It is simple to stop. It is not easy, and it is rewarding. It is about looking at our own consciousness, and spirituality. We must examine where we have been incongruent with even our own Spiritual boundaries. I must look at my own vibration, and ask “am I choosing kindness in this situation, or will I choose cannibalism?”

Working with your own vibration can be done through meditation, self hypnosis, and Distance Healing. All of these are healthy ways to rebalance our vibration, raise it to a higher good, and to put the brakes on the destruction of our society. We can turn then toward raising the vibration of Earth School.

Yes, Earth School is extraordinarily challenging, and it is not necessary to add more challenge. Bad behavior is just that. Maintaining a vibration that contributes unconditional love, kindness and empathy is the strongest effort that we can offer against cannibalism.

~Bright Blessings,