Table Tipping

From Transition to Transformation

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As seasons come and go, I must admit that Fall and the idea of Harvest, is my favorite. Winter runs a close second. This brings up images of fullness, as we experienced recently from the Harvest Moon. A time of gathering, fall produce for example, and planning. Envisioning what is our next move. Thankfully, as the weather encourages, we turn inward, for planning, and discovering. Discovering all of the fruits of the labor we have done on the physical level as well as mental, emotional and Spiritual. This is the time to take stock, evaluate, and move forward, to the next round of lessons Intrinsically, we are aware that we do this Spiritually each day. We are introspective, at least some time of the day, and move, with Spirit each hour, becoming each day, month,...

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What is ‘Healing’?

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When discussing the general term “healing” one begins to have a mental picture, especially if in the midst of a crisis, or recovering from one. Our health, on all levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, is vital for our well being. When thinkng about our Physical health apart from our other three, it used to be quite easy. ‘If I could just get rid of this cold, or if this foot would just heal’. Then everything could go back to normal, as it was. But was it normal? In my Distance Healing, I share that Healing, to be balanced, must start at the source. At the Spiritual Energies. Working with the source, all of the other levels are addressed as well. There is a ‘Subtle Energy’ Healing taking place. What does the manifestation of...

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Twin Souls: Part 3

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Twin Souls Part 3 (end of series, for now) Michelle Coelho and Twin Soul, K.S. When I finally met my Twin Soul, we were both in our early thirties. I felt that I should have been born with long, curly, red hair all my life. To achieve this, I continually altered my straight brunette long hair according to what I felt were my true attributes. I met my Twin Soul, K.S. In the early 90’s. She was a co worker, with long curly red hair. Just exactly what I had been imagining for my entire memory of what I should have looked like. We became friends. We compared notes of our lives, things we did, our childhood. Our most recent shared experience, when we first met was our lives in Spain. During the same year, I lived in Barcelona, and she lived in Madrid. This was...

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