Welcome Distance Healing

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Part I in the Series “Distance Healing” Vibrational Healing Whenever a new spin on an existing modality comes into awareness of the population consciousness, there are a lot of different names that may be used. Some of the names seem to oppose or distinguish each other and individual Healers or their business. Some have been around for centuries, and are getting new play. Some names give new life to concepts that we previously ignored. Welcome Distance Healing! If we think of this as the ‘Umbrella’ for a category of healing, we may well...

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Recreation with Our Spirit Guides

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Spirit World Part X Creating An Intimate Relationship with Our Guides Spending time to find out who our Guides are, where they have fit in during previous incarnations on Earth, both theirs and ours, may take years. We have hundreds of Guides. Some come and go in a transient fashion just to observe one or two Life Lessons. Others may be available for certain activities, such as Table Tipping (Table Guide), or using The Pendulum (Pendulum Guide). As surely as they have certain functions, they are always available. All of your Guides, with your...

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A Surprise Meeting

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Spirit Worlds Part IX Spirit Guides Will Meet You Face to Face to Show Their Love I am not sure that it is typical, or even something we should expect, but our Guides, particularly the Chief Guide, goes out of his /her / androgynous way to let us know we are loved, Unconditionally. We may encounter our Guide several times throughout our lives, usually without knowing it. This particular day, I knew something was quite different. I was leaving my surgeon’s office after a check up from a brain surgery. All was well, I was relatively carefree....

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Spirit Guides Are Not Just Along for ‘The Ride’

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Spirit Guides Part VIII Who is this Spirit Guide, Anyways? Once we know that we have a Guide, we are motivated to find out who they are. There are many ways to find out the identity of your Guide. I choose Table Tipping. There are other ways such as Guided Meditation or Hypnosis. There is no one way that is better than another. It does however depend on your Intent. If you set out to discover your Guide, you will be successful. One that is most comfortable for me is Table Tipping. It is conversational for me, as I am telepathic. However,...

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Spirit Guides Are Just the Spice We Need

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Spirit Worlds Part VII What a Spirit Guide Is (and is not) In this four part series of Spirit Guides Defined, I will describe what a Spirit Guide is, how to discover your Spirit Guide, what a relationship with a Spirit Guide is like, and all of the various interactions and achievements that they can help us to make. I was introduced to my Primary, or Chief Spirit Guide about 16 years ago, during a Table Tipping session, my first. His name is Hamish. Our last life together was during the Civil War. He died of a head wound, before we could be...

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Walk-Ins Welcome?

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Spirit Worlds Part VI Crossing Over Is Hard To Do There is a term among some who work in and are passionate about the Spirit World. That term is384a3d33eee644c0a7df939ce6e53145 ‘Walk-In’. Speaking from a Spirit’s point of view, whether it is a failure of their ability to complete their Lessons, it is difficult to say. One thing is for sure, this is a rare phenomenon. The characterization of the occurrence is difficult to see from the Third Dimensional point of view. Many symptoms may or may not be evident after a Walk-In. A...

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Guess Who Came to Samhain?

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Spirit World Part VI A Spirit I just could not forget During Samhain, I always enjoy Table Tipping with friends also at Ritual, and connecting with Loved Ones from my Past who have Crossed Over. One question to address, is, how do we know that they have ‘Crossed Over’? The method of determination that I use is one of exclusivity. I set the boundaries of who may be called, and they are ONLY Light Beings. My work with Ghosts and other Beings falls into an entirely different arena, not intended for a Loving Ritual such as Samhain....

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All Souls Night

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Spirit World Part V The Goddess and Other Spirits In doing Ritual with special friends for Samhain, or All Souls Night, it is most gratifying. It is, in some Goddess based Religions, such as Wicca, and ‘The Old Religion’, our New Year. I contemplate over the last 13 months the whole of all of the Gifts of the Goddess. I remember the Loved Ones who had Crossed Over, the circumstances and surprise, in some cases, of such an event. I revisit the feelings. The wistfulness, of them having been in my life and now gone. That feeling of ,...

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Living with Jesters and other Spiritual Variety

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Spirit World Part IV The Astral Realities Living in the Third Dimension has many advantages for Human Beings and Spirit Beings. We generally co-exist with no great issues. We live, knowingly sometimes, will all Dimensions existing all around us, all the time, in our space and time. Sometimes a Loved One who has departed may have already Crossed Over, but still feels the need to support the ones he or she left behind. It is different for them. They are experiencing Unconditional Love, and a Non Judgmental existence. Why would they be sorry...

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Spirit Messengers Among Us

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A Chance Encounter? Spirit Worlds Part III Thinking about Spirit Realities and all of the Spirit Energy generously showered into and onto my life, I know by speaking with others that this is the truth for many of them too. I remember throughout my life, I would have brief visits, with Spirit Messengers. They would be initiated by the “Messenger” who would strike up a conversation. I would find myself feeling unusually comfortable and trusting of the person in a short time frame, 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and just as immediately, they would be...

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